Notice that I have installed the pegs in the headstock in an arc, with the peg closest to the handstop and the peg furthest from the handstop protruding further down than the two middle pegs. A few reasons for this are 1) keeping the knob of the peg closest to the handstop further away from the headstock prevents the handstop from getting in the way of the knob, 2) since the pegs are in a straight line, the difference in distance of the knob from the peghead gives a tactile clue to which peg is which if the player is not looking at the peghead, 3) since the third string is the one most often out of tune, the larger shaft (since it protrudes the furthest through the peghead) provides for a a bit of extra tuning finesse, and 4) the visual appeal is attractive, like the curve of the four tuners on the side of a Gibson F-style mandolin.


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